X-Ray image of a knee with knee pain


Common symptoms relating to knee pain, injuries, and other problems Many of our patients come to our office for evaluation of a specific symptom, such as knee pain or instability. It is our responsibility and privilege to obtain an accurate history, physical examination and obtain any necessary imaging studies including x-rays and/or MRI to determine a diagnosis for the knee pain or other symptoms. We then collaborate with our patients to create an individualized treatment plan that meets each of their needs. Listed below are several symptoms we often see patients for in our clinic:

• Knee pain

• Instability

• Catching

• Buckling

• Leg pain




Common conditions that we treat.   There are also instances when patients will be referred to our office by another practitioner seeking treatment for a specific condition relating to their knee pain. Below is a list of conditions we commonly treat:

• Osteoarthritis of the knee

• Failed knee replacement

• Infected knee replacement

• Meniscus tear

• ACL tear

• MCL strain

• Tibial plateau fracture

• Patellofemoral tendonitis

• Patellar dislocation

• Patellar fracture

• Quadriceps tendon tear