Kim is a very active patient of Dr. Stewart’s and the head volleyball coach at UW Eau Claire who underwent a bilateral hip arthroscopy, one during 2012 and the other during 2013.


Kim standing in front of UW-Eau Claire logo after hip arthroscopy


Kim had femoracetabular impingement which subsequently lead to labral tears in both of her hips causing substantial discomfort. (Read about hip pain injury symptoms here.)

Prior to undergoing her hip arthroscopy, she had difficulty and pain when playing with her daughter on the floor and lifting her in and out of the car seat. She made the decision to undergo a bilateral hip arthroscopy to reduce her discomfort and improve her quality of life.


Kim is very satisfied with the result of her surgeries and is still doing excellent several years after having undergone hip arthroscopy

Within a few months of undergoing her hip arthroscopy, she returned to a very active lifestyle being the head volleyball coach at UW Eau Claire. She was able to hit volleyballs at her players, move around on the volleyball court, stand for prolonged periods of time both in volleyball camps and during matches without any pain. Prior to her surgeries, these activities would cause significant pain and her pain would last for several days in duration. She states within six months of undergoing her hip arthroscopy she could play volleyball at full strength.

Kim sitting in her office after hip arthroscopy

UW-Eau Claire Blugold volleyball team playing


Kim had an excellent experience having her hip arthroscopy performed at Oakleaf Surgical Hospital.

She was surprised by how quickly her pain resolved following her surgery. She states that as soon as she had surgery, she noticed immediate relief of the low back and pelvic pain she was experiencing preoperatively. “To be able to go back and be as active as I am both in coaching and also with my family and little children has been really awesome to be pain free again.”